Nutrition Tips Box
The Big 3 Macronutrients are: Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat
Protein: 4 Calories = 1 gram
Carbohydrates: 4 Calories = 1 gram
Fat: 9 Calories = 1 gram

When preparing meals focus on a balance of the Big 3 - each portion size of protein and carbs should be about the size of your palm; fats should be minimal.
Protein - lean meats, nuts, seeds, egg whites, and beans
Carbohydrates - primarily from vegetables and fruits; starchy carbs should be in moderation.
Don't forget about your Fiber which is found in oatmeal, cereal, whole grains, fruit
Fats (Monounsaturated Fat) - found in avocados, nuts (esp. walnuts), olive oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil
(Polyunsaturated Fat) - found in vegetable and sesame oils

Weight Loss Tips Box
Focus on a balanced eating regimen of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats
Plan meals ahead of time and eat every 3 - 4 hours
Improve the quality of your food, decrease the quantity
Incorporate regular exercise activity such as resistance training and interval cardiovascular training
Train at your own pace but remember your body will respond and change based upon the challenges you put it through
Commit fully to living healthier and the weight loss will be an inevitable consequence
Exercise Training Tip Box
Weight train when the time is ideal for you and your body
Your body is a genius at adaptation so mix it up
Experiment with different weight training techniques such as: super setting, circuit training, pyramid/reverse pyramid principles, and power lifting (only under the care of an expert)
Extreme and debilitating soreness and fatigue may be a sign of overtraining so push hard but be careful not to over do it.
Follow healthy eating guidelines to ensure best possible results pre and post workout
Technique....... safety is key when weight training so learn proper form before attempting any exercise
Place equal importance on all muscle groups, balance will make you a healthier more fit individual
Cross train - Make sure not to focus attention on one single cardio activity or intensity level. Choose different activities and do intervals when performing cardio.

Motivation Tip Box
The most important tip on motivation is if you cannot motivate yourself, no one will. Your health and well being are vital to life and quality of life so only you can look inside and bring forth the courage and will power necessary to get you moving. Performance 
Fitness and any other resource can provide you with knowledge and inspiration but the motivation to get out and do it must come from inside of you! We know its there, but the key is, you must also!


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